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August 06, 2015 1 Comment

Do you ever feel like the day has slipped by and you didn't accomplish nearly enough? I've been there! I had grand plans each week to accomplish housecleaning, run errands, design new material, interact on social media, and so much more. Yet at the end of the day, things were left undone and I was feeling unaccomplished and frustrated.

I decided to get organized. Having a plan wasn't good enough, I needed structure! Diligence! A rock solid strategy for success. I decided I was going to take control, meet my goals, and be the successful woman that I yearn to be - and I did just that! You can too!

5 things you can do today to help you become organized:

1. Empty your bucket - Make a list!

If you are like me, you may end up not getting things accomplished because you are trying to juggle too many things. How can you focus on one thing when you are trying to remember everything? I used to tell my children that I forgot things because my bucket was full. If something new came in, something old fell out. There was simply too much! You can overcome this problem too by grabbing a notebook and start writing things down. Just dump all the contents of your brain onto that paper. Don't be too general either, because the more you put down on paper means the less you have to try and remember or worry about forgetting! 

2. Assign tasks to every day of the week

Now, decide what you'd like to accomplish each day of the week. For me, I found that specifying certain days of the week for designing new materials, blogging (hello Thursday), website updating, and so on, worked best. 

So in your notebook write a day of the week on each page. Then title it with the big goals for the day, such as "Monday - Website and Blogging" or "Wednesday - Social Media & Client Thank You Mailers." Now look at the list you made. Does anything you wrote down belong on the pages under your daily goals? Yes? Great! Cross it off of your brain bucket list and add it to your daily goals page. This is the list you will work off of every day of every week. Add and cross off items as you get them accomplished each day. It's amazing to see what you actually get done, and it feels incredibly rewarding.

3. Keep your calendar updated

Now take your brain bucket list and compare it to your calendar. I keep two calendars. One on my phone that can send me reminders (and syncs to each family members phone if I choose), and a monthly calendar on a dry erase board that my entire family can see and add to. On the first day of each month I fill it in and label days with events. Make sure your calendar is updated with appointments, birthdays, school functions, and whatever else takes you away from home or needs addressed on a specific date.

4. Keep your work space organized 

Having a messy or cluttered work space can end up making you feel like you aren't in control. If you have an office where you spend time on your computer editing images and putting products together, keep it clean and tidy. Keep documents in file folder, put pens and paperclips in holders, and above all - let it be a space that brings you joy. Keep pictures of your kids, spouse, or whatever drives you to be productive and inspires you.

Your computer should be organized too. Keep documents and images in folders that are easy to find so that you can work more efficiently. Wasting time and energy, becoming frustrated and overwhelmed while trying to accomplish something, is counterproductive. Below is a free desktop organizer you can download to help stay organized with your digital files! Open it with Photoshop, change the text, save it as an image and set it as your desktop background. Place documents and file folders in their designated area, and you have organized one more aspect of your busy life!

5. Devote time for selfish pleasures and celebrate your accomplishments

 Last but not least is to take time for yourself. While there may be times that you feel you don't have time for yourself, the truth is, you can't afford not to. If you are burnt out and tired, you aren't going to work as efficiently and you'll end up making mistakes or becoming irritable and frustrated. If bedtime is 10, stop working no later than 8. Take an hour or two and read a book, enjoy a quiet bath, or do whatever makes you happy and relaxed. Celebrate what you accomplished and find your inner glow of satisfaction. 

You can do it!


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