What is a sky overlay?

A sky overlay is an image of a sky that you can insert and seamlessly blend into your photo using Photoshop. Adding a sky overlay allows you to dramatize boring or plain skies, by creating a visually appealing final image.


How do you apply a sky overlay?

To apply a sky overlay, open the image you wish to edit and go to File > Place. Choose the sky overlay you want to use and click ‘Place’.
Now, stretch the sky image to fit your photo. Then, select ‘Multiply’ in the blend mode dropdown (this helps the sky to believably blend with your photo). Lastly, use a Layer Mask to remove the sky effect from any areas that you don’t want it to show up. It's easy!

Where do I buy sky overlays?

There are several Sky Overlay Collections available for purchase in my shop, simply click here.

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